Filtered Cigars

Filtered Cigars

Smoking has been a tradition in different parts of the world. Cigarettes are now falling out of favor because of the introduction of alternatives that are appealing and attractive. One of the best options that have attracted smokers is the filtered cigars. They have been praised by many and have become popular among smokers. Filtered cigars have become famous in the modern world and are now being regularly used. Filtered cigars are replacing normal cigarettes as many people love them.

What are little cigars?

As suggested by the name, they cigars imply that they are smaller as compared to normal cigarettes. Although they are sold in 10 packs just like the normal cigarettes, they are of various flavors and taste. Another difference with normal cigarettes is that they are less expensive. Those who love smoking can tell the difference in taste between cigarettes and little cigars. Many people who smoke like little cigars because they are less processed as compared to the tobacco that is often used in cigarettes

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Filter tip cigars have several benefits when compared to other cigarettes. Some of the disadvantages of normal cigarettes are that they are big and not easy to smoke. It’s hard to smoke them with a group of friends because of the many things associated with cigars such as lighting them properly and cutting the ends. Filter tip cigars have different flavors because there is no much processing of the tobacco. Many people consider them because of some of the benefits associated with them such as they can be smoked quickly. It means that you will not have to spend much of your time smoking.

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305 Filtered Cigars3

305 Filtered Cigars

Those who start to smoke 305 little cigars are sure to stick with them for the long run. You simply cannot leave behind that strong taste, the affordable price, and some of the world's best tobacco. It is all available in this brand of filtered cigars. There are simply not too many other brands that are able to pack it all into one cigar like this, but the 305 brand has done its best to make that a reality.

More smokers are starting to use little cigars as a way to feed their smoking habit. The fact is that state and local governments put less taxes on these types of cigars in comparison to what they tack on to the cigarettes that are sold in all the stores.

There are cartons of 200 that are sold through the 305 filtered cigars. That provides plenty to share with the family and friends that they may want to party with. A party with friends is more fun when one is able to share their smokes with a lot of different people. This is the best way to have and enjoy a party. Think about all the times when you have had a party and how you can make that party so much better by just offering everyone some cigars. Not everyone may want to try them, but many like to have a little smoke when they are relaxing among friends. The 305 brand from Miami is what you should be able to offer to them.
305 Filtered Cigars
Action Filtered Cigars3
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Action Filtered Cigars
Bahama Mama Filtered Cigars6
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Bahama Mama Filtered Cigars
Bella Filtered Cigars5

Bella Filtered Cigars

For those smokers who savor the taste of a finely crafted filtered cigar made from 100% American tobacco, Bella filter cigars are sure to be a favorite. These finely crafted, delicate little cigars are truly a sophisticated choice for a discerning smoker who likes a cigar that’s smooth and light. One of the attractive attributes of these little cigars is their premium cigar quality. There’s no doubt these delicious cigars have a taste that keeps customers coming back, yet that great cigar taste comes at the price that’s lower than most cigarettes.

Bella Cigars come in several delicious flavors, including our Full Flavor, Light, Ultra Light, Menthol, and Menthol Ultra Light, and they’re available in a rigid, elegantly appointed pack of 20. When it’s time for the delicious taste of a premium cigar with the light feel of a cigarette, it’s time to choose Bella Filtered Cigars.
Bella Filtered Cigars
Blackstone Filtered Cigars2

Blackstone Filtered Cigars

If you're looking for something a little special and different when it comes to your choice of cigar, a selection from the Blackstone collection could be the ideal solution. Benefiting from filler made from premium pipe tobacco, the cigars are finished with a homogenized tobacco binder to give an exceptional smoking experience. The cigars are available in Vanilla and Cherry flavors, providing an appealing choice. Many people choose to get both types, varying the flavor depending on their preference at the time. Luckily, the carefully constructed, air tight packaging ensures that the cigars retain their freshness and moisture even after protracted storage periods.

Produced by a well-established U.S. company, Blackstone Filtered Cigars make great gifts or can be enjoyed as a small, affordable indulgence. If you haven't tried machine rolled cigars before, or perhaps have had a poor experience with them in the past, these high grade items are an excellent example of a great cigar which benefits from the consistency and economy that machine rolling can bring. If you have any queries about our products or would value some recommendations for cigars suitable for a particular occasion, we are always delighted to hear from you. Call us at (800) 974-8430 to place an order or for further information.

Blackstone Filtered Cigars
Cherokee Filtered Cigars4

Cherokee Filtered Cigars

Some little cigars pack a whole lot of flavor in a tiny little package. That’s why cigar connoisseurs who savor a great taste sensation can expect the best when they choose to smoke Cherokee filtered cigars. These little cigars are packed with a truly exquisite taste experience, all held within a delicately packed and rolled filtered smoke.

Cherokee cigars have a taste that ranges from medium to quite strong, so these little cigars are often the one that cigar aficionados reach for. Combining the unique tastes of Green River and Black Cavendish tobaccos, these very smokable cigars offer a satisfying blend of great taste with a formidable cigar kick. Cherokee cigars are offered in a variety of tastes, including the “packs a punch” Full Flavor, smooth Mellow flavor, stimulating Menthol and the unique and tasty as can be Cherry flavor. There’s something here in the Cherokee brand for every kind of cigar lover to savor, so try one today.
Cherokee Filtered Cigars

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