Signal Filtered Cigars

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With the many flavors and enticing aroma they produce Signal Filtered Cigars is a smooth classy smoke you have to have. These little cigars come in three exotic blends additional to the regular flavors. Vanilla, cherry, and blackberry are flavors you must try at least once. Filtered cigars by Signal comes in 100's in all of its amazing flavors. Full flavor, Smooth, and Menthol are the traditional flavors that Singal has to offer in their line up.

One thing you must try in this difficult decision of choosing which flavor cigars you want is pairing your cigar with a dessert. As wine goes with certain meals so does a little cigar. Try smoking Signal Filtered Cigars Vanilla Blend while enjoying a cold Coca Cola. You could also treat yourself to a blackberry pie after dinner then afterward enjoying the great taste of a Signal Filtered Cigars Blackberry Blend. It really compliments a great meal when you have such a well crafted little cigar.

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