Ave Maria Cigars

Ave Maria Cigars


Ave Maria Cigars are originally made from the Nicaraguan region. They are handmade cigars that incorporate the long-fillers of Nicaraguan and the sun-grown wrappers of Ecuador Habano. 

The cigars they produce are well known to have a unique blend of flavor consisting of a sweet tobacco core, light spice, earth, nutty, and leather flavor. 

This fine premium cigar is made, owned, and managed by cigar master AJ Fernandez. One of his aims is to produce a unique profile of cigars that would fit into people’s budgets. 

How it is made

While the cigar market continues to grow by developing new brands and flavors each year, Ave Maria cigars develop its market by giving simple solutions to cigar enthusiasts who only want the best. 

From the fields of Nicaraguan, it is processed in their factory and is precisely handmade. 

They assure to give the best balance and raw material in creating products that will give the best experience to cigar users. 

Ave Maria Cigar Brands

The Ave Maria cigars come in different sizes from Gordo, Robusto, and Toro. Some of their notable brands are the Ave Maria Reconquista, Ave Maria Crusader, Ave Maria Divina, Ave Maria Knights Templar, and Ave Maria Holy Grail.