Djarum Filtered Cigars

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Manufactured since 1951 by PT Djarum of Indonesia, Djarum filtered clove cigars are machine made filtered cigars. Nicknamed "Kreteks" for the sound they make while being smoked, these clove filtered cigars are available in a variety of flavors and styling, each offering a satisfying tobacco experience for the smoker. Whether you are a first time clove cigar smoker, or a clove cigar fanatic, the Djarum line of filtered cigars will never disappoint.

Clove cigarette are made by mixing cloves with tobacco. This combination creates a bold, rich flavor that is unique among tobacco products. In addition to the unique clove taste, Djarums are available in a variety of flavors. These include flavored offerings such as the Bali Hai (which in its filter offers the smoker a light but sweet taste), Black Cherry, Black Menthol and Black Vanilla, along with traditional flavors such as Black Filtered and Mild Filter. In addition to this, there are also larger offerings such as the Grande line. All and all, this diverse line of tobacco products offers the filtered clove cigar smoker fantastic choice, along with fantastic smoking value.

Djarum filtered clove cigars are similar to filtered cigarettes in that they contain a filter on the tip. Along with similar packaging, these products offer many similarities to cigarettes. However, there are numerous differences, which in total make Djarum clove cigars a fantastic choice for any cigar or cigarette smoker. Djarums are sold in packs of 12 (instead of 20), but are available in cartons of 10 packs (again similar to cigarettes). In addition, you receive the lower prices and better value of cigar products, along with the positives of filtered cigarettes (namely the filter and ease of smoking). Djarum products also offer superior tobacco satisfaction to the smoker, a benefit no smoker can ignore. From our free shipping policy (free shipping on all orders exceeding $199) to our sanctification guarantee and rewards program, there is no other place to buy your Djarum Filtered Clove Cigars than through our fantastic cigar store website!

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