5 Vegas Cigars

5 Vegas Cigars


Experience the medium strength of Nicaraguan tobacco wrapped and finished to make the finest cigars. 

Crafted by the master maker Nestor Plasencia Sr. of Honduras, the 5 Vegas Cigars are well-priced cigars with a unique taste.

The silky Sumatra wrappers present a lavish dark, cold, smooth oily skin. It holds the rich taste of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers that sits on your palate.

The pungent earthy aroma leaves a sharp but subtle taste that comes with a smooth finish.

The clean, savory consistent taste of earth on each stick is vibrant in every blow that lingers on the tongue. 

The medium-sized cigar will take you over its journey from Cuban-inspired tobacco down to the outskirts of Nicaragua. 

Enjoy the history of the evolution of this revolutionary cigar as it transformed into a fine, luxurious icon from Central America. 

The creamy, chocolate taste of each stick burns evenly with very smooth, thick smoke. 

It allows you to savor every moment as you enjoy the boldness of 5 Vegas Cigars.

Each stick burns slowly and would take about an hour before it completely burns out. 

The flavor remains the same as you go down up to the last puff.