ACID Cigars

ACID Cigars


ACID Cigars started with two good college friends who share the same passion for cigars. It was in New York where they decided to pursue creating one of the most unique and flavored cigar brands in history. The founders are Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samuel. 

They initially operated their cigar-rolling business within the heart of the city. Initially, they shared an office with an artist named Scott ‘Acid’ Chester, thus the cigar brand was born. Scott’s artworks inspired their cigar marketing. 

Since both of them have no experience in making cigars, they went on separate journeys where Jonathan went to Nicaragua to learn and experience cigar making, and Marvin stayed in New York establishing the cigar brand. 

How it is made

Acid cigars are hand-made from premium long-filler tobaccos that are mixed with different extracts and botanical oils to give their own unique flavor. The company also has a secret method of mixing that is only known to a couple of people within the company. 

The cigar-making process is done at Esteli, Nicaragua at the Drew Estate factory. 

ACID Cigar Brands

Acid cigar has introduced several cigars that come in different sizes from their Belicoso that is 5”x54 to their Churchill that is 7”x48. Some of their popular brands are the Kuba Kuba, Acid 20, Ripcord, Blue Blondie, and Kuba Arte.