Remington Filtered Cigars

Remington Filtered Cigars

Remington filtered cigars are a high quality brand that offers a smooth and mild flavor to smokers. This product is produced and distributed by proven manufacturers who have been in the business for long. There are many characteristics that make Remington filtered cigars the best in the market today:

Cost effectiveness

As you enjoy your favorite cigar brand, you do not have to spend much to acquire the product. This product is pocket friendly and distributors offer good prices for bulk buying. This means that business people also have an opportunity to make something out of this high quality product. A carton of Remington is offered for as little as 11.99 USD; saving 4 USD that comes when buying in retail.

The cigars come in different flavors

A wide range of flavors is provided by the manufacturers. These flavors include: cherry, grape, chocolate, mild, menthol, peach, strawberry, rum, vanilla, full flavor and Little Cigars White. Each of these flavors offers a different feeling that is unique from the rest. This goes a long way in meeting the preference of each smoker because people have different tastes. Even if you are a picky smoker, then this is the right brand to consider because it offers many options.