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Differences Between Little Cigars and Cigarettes

Packed like traditional cigarettes, the tobacco used in little cigars provides a draw that's similar to cigarettes, but you have more choices of flavors and brands than the cigarette industry provides. Little cigars deliver stronger taste profiles due to their higher alkalinity and mix of air-cured and fermented tobaccos. Although these cigars are wrapped like cigarettes and have filters, they differ from cigarettes, which primarily use acidic, flue-cured tobaccos with higher sugar contents.

Ordering your little cigars on the Internet offers price savings, convenience and resources for comparing brands and choosing your favorite flavors or samplers, which is often difficult to do while standing in line at the local tobacco store or market. Speed and ordering convenience are hallmarks of the digital age, and the differences between cigarettes and cigars allows you to order your cigar products online.

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BodyShot Little Cigars4

BodyShot Little Cigars

These flavorful little cigars are made in the USA by Cheyenne Intl which also makes other famous little cigars like Cheyenne Cigars and Derringer Cigars. BodyShot Little Cigars come in unique flavors not available in other brands which makes them extra special.

BodyShot Little Cigars
Captain Black Little Cigars7

Captain Black Little Cigars

Captain Black Little Cigars offer an exceptional short smoke experience for the discretionary smoker. This treasured brand features a complimentary blend of tobaccos from the United States, the Philippines and Indonesia. The naturally aromatic quality of this premium tobacco blend is further enhanced by delicate flavors such as vanilla and sweet cherry.

Captain Black brand tobacco products are manufactured by Lane Limited, a tobacco company located in the United States. They are affiliated with the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, which is the largest pipe tobacco and cigar manufacturer in the world. Captain Black is a leading pipe and cigar brand within the group.

Each Captain Black Little Cigar is handmade by skilled craftsmen and women who take great pride in what they do. Unlike other companies who mass produce cigars using machines, Lane Limited treats its tobacco as tenderly as precious gems. It takes more than 3 years of specialized cultivating, curing, fermenting, conditioning and mulling for Captain Black tobacco to reach the peak level of perfection worthy of the brand name.


Captain Black Little Cigars
Gold Rush Little Cigars3

Flavorful Gold Rush Little Cigars

Little Cigars have increased in popularity over the years because of their similarities to cigarettes and flavorful quality. Gold Rush Little Cigars are a fantastic choice for when you crave less nicotine and the variety of flavors that cigarettes just don’t offer. You can enhance your little cigar smoking experience with flavors like vanilla and cherry, or choose from traditional flavors like menthol and full flavors for a rich tobacco taste. No matter the occasion, Gold Rush Little Cigars will help you enjoy your short breaks from work or relax while you are at home after a long, stressful day.

Buitrago Cigars is a wholesale cigar company dedicated to providing you quality cigars in large quantities at a great price. By joining our rewards program you will receive extra savings and discounts on single packs and cartons so you can enjoy your favorite flavor Gold Rush Little Cigar daily. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your cigar product and price match to ensure you the lowest possible price. Browse our cigar and cigar accessories selection and order your Gold Rush Little Cigars today. Buitrago offers free shipping for all orders of $199 or more. Always feel free to contact us at (800) 974- 8430 if you have any questions or to place an order by phone.

Gold Rush Little Cigars
Hav-A-Tampa Little Cigars2

Hav A Tampa Cigars Are A Legacy Brand

Sometimes enough time in the market makes something a legacy brand so to speak. That is to say that it becomes a brand that everyone can relate to and something that most people in general like. That is certainly the case with Hav-a-Tampa cigars.

These little cigars first hit the shelves some 50 years ago. They were an interesting brand that was willing to try to get an edge in the marketplace for cigars. It did not take long before they found their footing and were able to do exactly what they needed to do in order to gain that foothold in the market and not let go.

The little cigars of the Hav-A-Tampa brand have been said to be easy to light, are well constructed, and have a good draw. Most would say that this makes them the perfect cigar for everyday use. They are not particularly designed for parties or events, but that does not mean that they could not also make a play in those events as well. That just depends on the smoker and how frequently he or she lights up.

The Hav-A-Tampa cigars tend to be on the milder side. If you think of it as a scale between mild and full flavor, the Hav-A-Tampa brand is definitely much closer to the mild side than to the full flavor side. That being said, there are more than a few people who enjoy the experience of these little cigars when they are relaxing after a long day or perhaps a long week at work.
Hav-A-Tampa Little Cigars
Lex12 Little Cigars5
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Lex12 Little Cigars
Muriel Little Cigars3

Buy Cheap Muriel Little Cigars at Buitrago Cigars your Cigar Shop

Muriel Little Cigars first came to the attention of the red-blooded American male smoker when comely singer Edie Adams, wife of comedian and cigar smoker Ernie Kovacs, was selected to appear in their print and television advertising. Adams coyly asked the public, "Why don't you pick one up and smoke it sometime?" as well as challenging them with the now-famous line, "Hey big spender, spend a little dime with me." The Altadis factory in America began churning out Muriel Cigars, tiny machine made cigars with the low price and the big flavor, by the thousands to keep up with the demand.
And the demand for Muriel Little Cigars has never faltered over the past 50 years.
 These tiny cigars, rolled in homogenized tobacco leaves, are known for their distinctive aroma and flavor, thanks to the use of Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed pipe tobacco in their production. This tiny filtered cigar gives the dual pleasure of feeling like you are also smoking an aromatic pipe. The draw of these little cigars is smooth, the flavor is mild-bodied, and the aroma of Muriel Little Cigars is decidedly sweet.
Muriel Little Cigars

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