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We offer commission base sponsorship and free samples on a monthly basis. Is pretty simple to get started. 

We are a nationwide Cigar Shop

We cater to all sorts of clients and tobacco shops. We carry a large selection of cigars and accessories.

Online Tobacco Shop

While we carry cigars, we also stock all sorts of rolling papers and hookah pipes and much more at the lowest prices.


Variety of Choices


Buitrago Cigars have an array of choices of famous cigar brands. Gathered from all corners of the world, Buitrago Cigars will give you the finest blends of tobacco products. Whatever size you want, everything is made accessible especially for you. Meticulously crafted from different notes, each cigar is made to perfection. 


Shop Online


Buitrago Cigars is none like any other shop that you can see. Just check on the kind of product you want and order it online. By simply picking your choice and paying for your transaction, you will now be able to have your favorite cigar.


Fast & Safe Delivery


Buitrago Cigars understands your need to have the best products. By which, your product’s safety is a top priority. From the moment it leaves the local warehouse until it reaches your doorstep, rest assured that everything is in good condition. Buitrago Cigars looks at the priceless delivery of your needs and observes utmost care about it