TRIP2 Rolling Papers

TRIP2 Rolling Papers


TRIP2 Rolling Papers or Trip rolling papers are famous rolling papers that originate from Brazil.

They are the best-selling clear rolling papers in the market. 

It’s 100% organic and burns slowly, giving a rich taste of your smoking experience.


Its ability to burn slowly makes the Trip rolling papers the best choice for consumers.

It lets you enjoy the experience of smoking your favorite roll for a longer time.

Since it burns slowly, you can savor every minute of its soothing and relaxing effects.


Trip rolling papers are safe to use. Its organic compound makes it an ideal choice for enjoying a smoke.

The clear, biodegradable quality of the Trip rolling papers prevents more damage than a regular rolling paper.

Its tree-free substance makes it eco-friendly.

Savor Each Taste

Trip rolling papers are tasteless and slowly burn. It lets you savor each taste of your favorite stick.

The all-natural, adhesive-free rolling paper takes you to another level of the smoking experience.

Enjoy and relax while feeling the vibe of a chemical-free rolling paper.