1502 Cigars

1502 Cigars


1502 Cigar is a well-known brand of cigar that is owned by Global Premium Cigars. It’s a tobacco company that is purely Nicaraguan.

You’ll find three tobacco lines in 1502 Cigars. Each line is cultivated with caution. The selection, aging, curing, harvest, and process of every tobacco leaf are made meticulously. Every cigar exclaims the true Nicaraguan flavor, making it an unforgettable experience when you smoke one. 

1502 Emerald Cigar is a combination of carefully aged and selected tobacco leaves. The main goal of this cigar is to give the smoker a fine, yet strong smoking experience. 1502 Emerald Cigar has a subtle strength with aroma and flavor that can only be obtained with the combination of high-quality ingredients. 

1502 Ruby is a blend made for the delight of a sharp smoker. It’s great for people who can recognize a premium cigar. It offers all the aroma and flavors from Nicaragua. It is wrapped using an elegant dark wrapper from Ecuador.

1502 Black Gold is for people who love strong cigars. Black Gold is created to satisfy the needs of a smoker who likes strong and bold flavors. It has a long-filler and double binder from Nicaragua. If you’re looking for a strong smoking experience, this one's for you.