Shine Rolling Papers

Shine Rolling Papers


Do you want to have a unique smoking experience? Try the Shine Rolling papers!

Experience the luxury of smoking the Shine Rolling Papers’ 24-Karat Gold.

Its classy look displays the luxury you want. The extravagant feel of smoking a dazzling stick is now within your reach. 

Go Classic

Smoking a stick of Shine Rolling Papers displays the luxurious life you live.

It is an expression of status and wealth. Smoking gold is not something that you normally see. 

The king-size paper is perfect for an extended smoking experience. 

When going to parties, smoking the golden rolls of Shine Rolling Paper will leave your friends in awe.

It looks unique and surprising!

Perfectly safe

You may get puzzled if smoking the golden rolls of Shine Rolling Papers is safe.

The answer is yes! They are perfectly safe.

Smoking Shine’s gold rolls are safe since its gold specks immediately turn into ashes when burnt. 

The gold papers are also 100% edible, making them a perfect choice in making cigarette rolls.

You won’t have to worry about placing it on your mouth since it’s perfectly safe!

Celebrity’s Choice

Using golden-rolled cigarettes is common among celebrities.

Known TV personalities are seen using these gold rolls.

The American rapper 2 Chainz was seen using them during his cannabis session in a web series. 

Even Miley Cyrus was noted to include them on her merchandise in one of her tours.