High Tea Wraps

High Tea Wraps


While advancements in technology are getting more and more popular, wrapping and rolling a joint for your own is still very common for a lot of smokers. 

Before, smokers only had limited options when it came to wraps. Fortunately, that is not the case today. With a lot of manufacturers releasing new products and innovations, the rolling paper industry is filled with various options.

One of these brands is High Tea Wraps. It’s one of the most popular wraps in the industry. High tea wraps are made from 100% natural materials (tea leaves). They do not generate ash when they burn. You will be amazed at the type of quality these wraps provide. 


High Tea Wraps are tobacco-free. A couple of smokers prefer wraps that contain tobacco. Of course, that is okay. Simply keep in mind that high tea hemp wraps aren’t cigarette paper. It is a blunt flavored wrap.


Once you open the pack and take one wrap. It will automatically curl itself. All you’ve got to do is to lay your fill, roll, and seal it. Then, you’re good to go. 

Whenever you pull out your wrap, you need to ensure your fill is ready. This will ensure it won’t curl without filling it first. 

Re-Sealable Pouch

Every pouch contains 5 wraps. If you want to keep the wraps fresh, don’t worry. High Tea Wraps include a strong re-sealable pouch that is ideal for keeping your wraps fresh and moist. 

You can even place your fill inside the pouch to absorb the fragrance of the wraps.