Winchester Little Cigars

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Have you been searching for an American tobacco classic? Your search is now complete. Winchester Little Cigars boast the kind of flavor that your grandfather liked when he was your age. These cigars bring the best of America to your smoking experience. You will truly feel like a patriot when you light up one of these incredible cigars. Our cigar shop enjoys offering these cigars to you at a great price. If you buy in bulk, you can take advantage of our free shipping on orders worth more than 150 dollars. You will also find our customer service appealing all the way through your purchasing process. 

About the Brand

The Scandinavian Tobacco Group has been producing these little cigars since 1972. Although a lot has changed since then, their distinct flavors remain the same. They know their customers look to them for their cigar needs. They meet these needs with every batch of cigars they produce at their facilities. 

For over 50 years, Winchester Little Cigars have brought happiness to the lives of smokers everywhere. These American classics allow you to taste the finest tobacco from the field in the southern United States. The tobacco company continues its great line of products today for your pleasure. Winchester Little Cigars only come in regular tobacco flavors. They don't have cherry or vanilla flavors. But their traditional flavors will still appeal to a wide audience. You can choose their classic flavor, which is their flagship product. You might also enjoy the smooth flavor. Some people say these offer a more enjoyable smoke.