Talon Filtered Cigars

For smokers looking for high-quality filtered cigars at an affordable price, Talon Filtered Cigars are the perfect choice. Made with top-notch American tobaccos, these cigars offer a smooth and satisfying smoking experience that rivals more expensive options on the market. Talon Filtered Cigars are designed for those who appreciate the taste of a premium cigar but prefer the convenience and ease of a cigarette.

Available in a variety of flavors such as Sweet, Menthol, Silver, and Regular, Talon Filtered Cigars cater to a range of preferences. Whether you enjoy the classic taste of tobacco or prefer a fruity or minty flavor, there's a Talon cigar for you. Each pack contains 20 cigars, making it easy to grab and go for a quick smoke break whenever you need it.

Perfect for both novice smokers and seasoned cigar enthusiasts, Talon Filtered Cigars offer a high-quality smoke without the high price tag. With a smooth draw and full flavor, these little cigars provide a taste experience that is unmatched in the affordable cigar market. Treat yourself to the rich and satisfying flavor of Talon Filtered Cigars without breaking the bank. Get your hands on these budget-friendly gems and enjoy a premium smoking experience at a fraction of the cost.