Abadie Cigarette Papers

Abadie Cigarette Papers


For a lot of smokers, their cigarette papers of choice are discovered over time by culminating a lot of smoking experiences and experiments. 

The flavor, texture, and size of the papers you pick present endless options. However, a lot of smokers still prefer classic rolling paper over modern ones. This is particularly true when it comes to Abadie Cigarette papers.

Several years ago, Abadie cigarette papers almost went under. However, they are back today. While they are not manufactured in France anymore due to anti-tobacco laws, the production is still the same. 

If you’re looking for a classic and traditional rolling paper for your cigarette, Abadie is your best bet. 

Abadie Single Wide Cigarette Papers

Abadie single wide cigarette papers are proudly produced using natural materials. These wide rolling papers are huge in size. Additional length means additional herb. The classic single wide cigarette papers of Abadie have been its staple for many years. 

There are several benefits you can get if you choose Abadie Single Wide Cigarette Papers. Aside from being extremely easy to roll, they also provide a slow burn. Thus, you can enjoy your smoke longer. 

Abadie 1 ¼ Rolling Papers

Abadie rolling papers have been around for a long period. Abadie is an extremely well-known brand in France. 

Nowadays, Abadie rolling papers are manufactured using the same standards and quality. These rolling papers are traditional. It also uses rice as the primary material. The gum is already included in the paper for additional convenience.