Hookah Pipes

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Hookah Pipes


Are you looking for a more fun way of smoking your tobacco? Then you should try smoking it through a hookah pipe.

It’s one of the oldest methods of smoking tobacco and it’s currently starting to become popular again due to how enjoyable it is to smoke.

What are Hookah Pipes?

A hookah pipe is a 16th-century smoking instrument that’s mainly composed of a vase, hose, tray, and a gasket. 

It operates by heating the tobacco with a hookah charcoal. 

You take a hit through the hose and the smoke that comes from the tobacco gets filtered through the water-filled vase.

Traditional and Modern Hookahs

There are 2 different types of hookahs. The first is the traditional hookah which is made through traditional methods with hand-made designs and can offer better quality smoking experience.

The second is the modern hookah. It’s made out of lightweight materials and can be disassembled making great for travel. It’s convenient as the parts can be easily replaceable.

How to Choose the Best One

When getting a hookah pipe, you need to consider how you’re going to use it. You can buy a modern hookah pipe if you want to bring it around with you when traveling around. 

But if you just want a hookah pipe at home then it’s best to get a traditional one.

Your budget will also play a part as traditional hookahs will cost more, compared to modern ones.