RAW Rolling Papers

RAW Rolling Papers


If you’re looking for a more safe and healthier approach to smoking your herbs then what you need is RAW Rolling Papers.

 It’s currently one of the most popular types of rolling paper to come up due to its all-natural hemp-based papers being safer compared to other brands.

About RAW Rolling Papers

RAW Rolling paper is currently one of the best selling rolling paper brands in the world. It was founded in 2005 by John Kesselman when he decided to invest in natural, unprocessed, hemp fiber.

This later became the current product line that every hemp smokers would love to use for their herb.

All-Natural Rolling Papers

The reason why RAW Rolling Papers is so popular is that it’s an all-natural rolling paper meaning it doesn’t contain any type of harmful chemical in it.

It’s made out of unbleached hemp fibers that are so thin while still maintaining that perfect burn that smokers want in their paper.

Getting the Best Rolling Papers

The brand is currently selling only a few types of products as they want their rolling paper to be as all-natural as it gets.

They have the RAW Classic Papers, RAW Organic Hemp, and RAW Black Papers which is their premium quality paper.

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RAW Rolling Papers