Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Cigars


Cohiba is well known for having two kinds of premium cigar products, the first is made from the Dominican Republic that is made for US-based market and distribution, and the other is made from Cuba for the Habanos S.A. or the Cuban owned tobacco company. 

The cigar brand was founded in 1966 and started with limited production and supply. Initially, they are made exclusively for Fidel Castro and high-ranking officials of the Communist Party in Cuba or the Cuban Government. Their first public production came out in the market in 1982.

Cohiba is another term for ‘tobacco’. It comes from the native Taino word. 

How it is made

Cohiba cigars are very historical and are very well known to be one of the finest cigars in Cuba. 

The raw materials came from the fields of Vegas Finas de Primera or first-class fields, located in the Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Rio province. 

The cigars they produce are unique and carefully handmade or rolled. 

Cohiba Cigar Brands

Cohiba Cigar produces a wide variety of brands. It comes in series such as The La Linea Clasica Series, The Maduro 5 Series, The Behike Series, Special Series, and others.

Some of their notable brands are Cuban Cohiba Esplendido, Cuban Cohiba Robusto, Cuban Cohiba Behike 52, and Dominican Cohiba Churchill.