ACID Subculture Cigars

ACID Subculture Cigars


ACID Subculture Cigars originated from Drew Estate, Esteli Nicaragua. It is exclusively made for the Famous Smoke Shop and only selected retailers are given the privilege to stock their cigars. 

It was founded by Jonathan Drew in 1999 with a vision to create a unique and modern approach of cigars. 

Over the years, their product is well known for its unique hardcore blend of botanicals, essential oils, and herbs. Many have said that to smoke this cigar, they should be brave and prepared. They have surely taken the experience to a higher level.

How it is made

Nicaragua is popular for producing good quality tobacco leaves. They are then dried and sent to the factory for the production process. 

The ACID Subculture Cigars have introduced an intensive mixture process by adding a year in the aging process. 

Each tobacco leaves are carefully selected and hand rolled for market quality production. 

ACID Subculture Cigar Brands

There are several brands that ACID Subculture Cigars have produced all throughout the years. Some of their notable products are the ACID Subculture Beach Single Cigar, ACID Subculture Big Bang TAA Exclusive Single Cigar, ACID Subculture Toast Single Cigar, and ACID Subculture Malta.