Camacho Cigars

Camacho Cigars


Camacho Cigars are a very popular brand of cigars. They’re known for creating some of the best full-bodied cigars from Honduras. Recently, Camacho has gone through a total re-blending of their cigar lines. 

However, you shouldn’t worry. Camacho still keeps their classic profiles. These new cigars are simply as flavorful and bold, if not more so. From the start, Camacho cigars have stood for strong pleasure. These cigars offer all-out and full-frontal flavor.  

Camacho Connecticut is a cigar that offers balance and boldness at the same time. This cigar is for people who like smooth and subtle flavors. As you smoke, you’ll feel a smooth and mild taste. However, this does not mean it is weak. Camacho Connecticut still has a spicy kick. 

Camacho Corojo is a classic cigar. It’s made from 100% natural Corojo. Just like a rum, the leaves are aged slowly. It offers a strong, yet smooth smoking experience. Smokers even consider this cigar as the original bold smoke. It’s the only strain that doesn’t require blending with other varieties. 

Camacho Criollo is for people who are looking for a strong kick in every smoke. Camacho Criollo packs an additional pop of spice to complement a mellow sweetness.