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Are Tampa Sweet Cigars Discontinued?

Posted by Martin on Jan 12th 2021

Tampa Sweet Cigars is one of those old classic cigars that you can find in almost every humidor throughout the world. Though these days, it’s become quite difficult to purchase them as their avai … read more

Why Are Filtered Cigars So Cheap?

Posted by Martin on Jan 11th 2021

Filtered cigars have become a new popular way of smoking as smokers tend to go for this option rather than smoking with a cigar or a cigarette.Some like to smoke this as it contains less nicotine whic … read more

Grabba Leaf: Everything to Know About It

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jul 10th 2020

There is currently a new trend for smokers using whole tobacco leaves to smoke their tobacco. The reason for this is that people today tend to find natural alternatives to use for their smoke session. … read more