Garcia Y Vega Cigars

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As an online cigar shop, we take pride in our diverse inventory, that includes numerous products. One brand, an old school favorite, ripe for recognition is garcia y vega 1882. They have remained a favorite, and an American staple since their introduction to the market in 1882, making them one of the oldest-known producers of machine-made cigars. 'Garcia y Vega 1882' have had a long and fascinating history we hope to share with aficionados of cigars and cigarillos alike, as well as encourage those who enjoy our cigar store to give the cigars and cigarillos of 'Garcia y Vega 1882', a smoking chance.

Crafted with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler, homogenized tobacco leaf binder, in addition to an Indonesian wrap, 'Garcia y Vega' provide hardy smoke accompanied by an interestingly pleasant aroma. They have an exact, meticulous construction, which guarantees a perfect smoking experience every time one feels the need to indulge in any cigarette or cigarillo they choose.

Our online cigar shop provides a varied selection of 'Garcia y Vega 1882' products, including different sizes, styles and flavors of smoke. While the 'Grand Corona' includes a sweetened candela wrapper, the 'Garcia y Vega Maduro' has a spicy, Indonesian wrapper suggestive of espresso. Collectively, garcia y vega 1882 cigars offer complex, and nuanced notes of flavor, sure to delight. 

Finally, if curious in trying 'Garcia y Vega products', buying from our cigar store might prove to be a wise choice. For one, our cigar store offers free shipping for purchases of over one hundred and fifty dollars, not to mention, a guarantee of satisfaction, that we will match another price, and the chance of gaining 'rewards points' which accompany every order. In the end, we hope you will enjoy a 'Garcia y Vega' product, the next time they decide to smoke a cigar or cigarillo.