El Rey Del Mundo Cigars

El Rey Del Mundo Cigars


El Rey Del Mundo is a cigar brand that uniquely produced two premium cigar brands. One is made from Cuba to be marketed in Habanos SA, and the other is made by the Villazon family in Honduras. 

The company started its business in 1848 with Sancho Panza and Emilio Ohmstedt. It was then taken over by Antonio Allones in 1882. 

The word El Rey Del Mundo is Spanish and it means ‘King of the World’. It is very popular and known at a time to be one of the most prestigious and luxurious cigar brands in the world.  

Today, El Rey Del Mundo cigars still continue to produce high-quality products that are very competitive with the market. 

How it is made

The cigars are manufactured within the factory located in Cuba and Honduras. 

The raw materials are grown locally, it is then processed in a traditional method. They are handmade or rolled, with aged long fill Hondura leaves and finally wrapped with a selection of darker essence, oilier, and EMS Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. 

The unique taste of El Rey Del Mundo cigars is cedar, earth, cocoa, sweetness, and a nice spice. 

El Rey Del Mundo Cigar Brands

Some of their popular cigar brands are El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Large, El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Suprema, El Rey Del Mundo Reserva Salado, and El Rey Del Mundo Flor de Llaneza.