Al Capone Cigars

Al Capone Cigars That Makes You Feel Like A King

Are you a fan of Al Capone? If so, then perhaps you understand the appeal of the cigarillos that are sold under his name. These are flavor cigarillos that are created to have just the perfect mixture to make them very pleasurable to smoke.

You have to admit that the packaging is what really sells these cigarillos. They come in a package that just draws people in and makes them want to purchase more and more of this wonderful product. The Al Capone fans are sure to want to be seen with these cigarillos in their home.

The best part about this brand is how easy they are to share and pass around at a party. They are the right type of flavor cigarillos to meet the particular preferences of most people. Those who attend a party looking to smoke a few cigarillos while they are there may ask for the Al Capone variety to smoke.