Twisted Hemp Wraps

Twisted Hemp Wraps


If you’re looking for an all-natural hemp wrap that’s enjoyable to smoke with then what you need is Twisted Hemp Wraps. 

It’s one of the highly-rated hemp wraps that’s available in the market which is available in different kinds of flavors to personalize your experience.

A Tobacco-Free Blunt Wrap

Twisted Hemp Wraps are one of the most popular brand used for people who want a fun and personalized smoke. It’s an all-natural blunt wrap that’s made out of pure hemp.

It doesn’t contain any products that contain tobacco so you won’t have to worry about any kind of health risks when using this.

The Best Organic Hemp Wraps

What’s great about using this type of blunt wrap is that it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that can be usually found in other blunt wraps.

You’ll be able to have an enjoyable smoke session with its slow-burn without the inclusion of the harsh feeling when you’re smoking a tobacco-based blunt wrap.

You Can Choose any Flavor You Want

The cool thing about using Twisted Hemp Wraps is that you can personalize it by being able to choose a number of flavors that can satisfy your cravings.

Twisted Hemp Wraps currently comes in 6 flavors which are:

  • Sweet

  • Grape Burst

  • Plain Jane

  • Tropical Breeze 

  • Endless Summer

  • California Dream

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Twisted Hemp Blunt Wraps