La Finca Cigars

La Finca Cigars


La Finca Cigars is one of the oldest and most popular producers of high-quality Nicaraguan brands. Their classic and original blend is very well known because of its dark red Ecuadorian wrap. It shows the color of a fine-aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco bind. 

The company was established in 1972 by the Nicaraguan American Tobacco Sociedad Anonima. 

In 2000, the company decided to team up with its European counterpart to produce a unique style of blend-in cigars. This results in the production of several of their notable brands. 

How it is made

La Finca made use of their locally grown tobaccos in the region of Nicaraguan. This gives their product a rich earthy, nutty, and spicy flavor that creates medium to full-tiered smoke. 

The leaves are dried, processed, and mixed with La Finca’s unique blend of flavors and extracts. Each tobacco is then carefully hand-rolled. 

While incorporating the European wrap, it enhances the flavor with cedar, sweet spice, caramel, and roasted nuts. 

La Finca Cigar Brands

The company continues to produce high-quality products that are also competitive in the market in terms of their value. Some of their notable brands are La Finca Cazadore, La Finca Figurado, La Finca Ammo, La Finca Fifty Four Robusto, and La Finca Corona.