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If stored incorrectly, even the finest cigar can become dry and brittle, significantly reducing smoking enjoyment. A humidor, specifically designed to keep cigars at optimal humidity during storage, is a necessary addition to every connoisseur’s equipment. An ideal gift for someone you know enjoys a cigar, humidors not only serve a practical purpose, they are also extremely visually appealing and make an attractive accent on a desk, side table or chest. Our selection has been carefully chosen to showcase some of the finest models on the market, providing a perfect choice every time.

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Each humidor we provide benefits from exceptional build quality and a number of carefully crafted features which result in an item that's truly outstanding. From the gold plated concealed hinges to the felt bottom for scratch resistance, every care has been taken to create a singularly appealing item. Our humidor features an integral hygrometer and a humidifier. Interior walls of kiln dried Spanish Cedar offer excellent protection to the enclosed cigars, which can be viewed through the tempered glass lid. A brass nameplate (which can be engraved) and SureSeal technology to prevent leaks are further reasons why this product is in such high demand. To order or for further information, call us at (800) 974-8430.

Cigar Humidors