Nectar Filtered Cigars

Nectar Filtered Cigars Offer Exceptional Flavor

Providing a delicate yet defined taste and filtered for your enjoyment, Nectar filtered cigars are always a popular choice. With a growing number of people now preferring a smaller cigar, these handily sized items are ideal for smokers that crave a high quality product that's always satisfying. There are a number of exciting varieties on offer, including Cherry, Vanilla, Peach and Grape. If you prefer a more traditional taste, why not try the refreshing taste of Menthol? Each taste has been carefully created to give a truly authentic experience, ensuring that every inhalation delivers an appealing blend of tobacco and rich, fruity fragrance.

Premium Ingredients, Superb Product

Nectar filtered cigars are manufactured from premium grade tobacco and infused with rich fruity essences that provide a spectacular taste. Great care has been taken to use only the very highest quality ingredients, resulting in a cigar that's really big on flavor. If you're not sure which product is going to suit you the best, we recommend you pick a variety and then enjoy spending time exploring the flavor nuances which each one provides. To find out more about Nectar filtered cigars or any of our other products, call us now at (800) 974-8430.