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JOB Cigarette Papers

If you roll your own cigarettes, you owe it to yourself to try JOB rolling papers. Though they are one of the oldest brands still on the market, JOB still produces one of the finest cigarette papers you can buy. Job papers have been around since 1838, when Jean Bardou decided to make cigarette papers out of thin, pure rice paper. The French craftsman had stumbled on a fantastic idea, and within a few years, his papers had spread all over France. The name "JOB" came about by accidnt--his initials "J.B." were originally separated by a diamond on the packaging for the rolling papers, leading customers to refer to them as "Job papers." Bardou died in 1852, but the company kept rolling right along. 

Rolling Papers

These cigarette papers have had an illustrious history--around the turn of the 20th Century, they hired several famous artists, including Alphonse Mucha, to design their labels. What's more, they've also been featured in such Hollywood films as "Maximum Overdrive" and "Nice Dreams." Today the papers are produced by Republic Tobacco, a company based in Perpignan, France.A major benefit of JOB papers is that they offer an even-burning, mellow smoking experience that's never too paper-y or overbearing. This makes the papers perfect for shag and other mellow tobaccos

JOB Cigarette Papers

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