Victor Sinclair Cigars

Victor Sinclair Cigars


As the tobacco industry became well-known, one admiral set out on a quest to look for the finest cigar in the world. 

Admiral Victor Sinclair set sail along the coast of the Dominican Republic in the 1850s.

He was aboard the frigate Oglethorpe bringing the one whom he thought was the best cigar in the world.

But nature was vicious and took the verdict to sink his ship while battling a storm. 

More or less a decade and a half passed, and his great-great-nephew set sail to complete his quest.

Victor Long discovered a defunct warehouse in Dominica with the shipwreck of the lost frigate.

To his surprise, he found boxes of aged cigars inside glass vials, all perfectly preserved.

These cigars became the cornerstone of the current Victor Sinclair Cigars, aged and made to perfection.

Experience the richness of Dominican tobacco blended with Cuban seed in various proportions to meet your taste. 

Continue the voyage of the search for perfection as you puff the cigar that challenged time before its birth.

Grasp the once-in-a-lifetime chance of getting hold of one of the world’s most famous blends within the tip of your hands. 

Win your palate’s taste.