White Owl Cigars

White Owl Cigars: An Affordable Solution

Are you looking to buy cigars and not break the bank? Look no further. White Owl cigarillos offer the pleasure that comes with fine tobacco without the cost of more traditional brands. An American machine made cigar since 1887, White Owl comes in several varieties, with strawberry, peach, grape and white grape receiving the most praise.
These flavor cigars bring out a sweeter taste in the tobacco that resemble a higher end product and make you forget you are smoking cheap cigars. With two packs of these cigars coming to around $.99, you owe it to yourself to give them a try and be pleasantly surprised. Discover the smooth and sweet taste of White Owl cigars and your wallet will thank you later for not shelling out big money on expensive brands with inferior taste. If you are looking for a cheap, full flavored cigar that makes sense on a budget, look no further than White Owl.