Viking Filtered Cigars

Viking Filtered Cigars – An Economical Choice

If you've always thought that you get what you pay for, you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how good these easily affordable cigars can be. Rather than confining your smoking to special occasions, Viking filtered cigars are priced so that you can enjoy a regular treat, even on a budget. Made from high grade tobacco and machine rolled for great consistency, these cigars are sold in packs of twenty for your convenience. Produced by a well-known U.S. manufacturer, these cigars offer a smooth, inviting smoking experience that's always enjoyable. If you haven't tried them before, why not order a pack now and experience their great flavor and excellent construction for yourself?

Three Different Cigar Choices

Viking filtered cigars come in three different varieties, so you'll normally find there will be a selection that meets your particular needs. If you prefer a mellow smoke, the smooth option is probably going to be appropriate; for smokers that want a full flavored inhalation, obviously the full flavor option is the right choice. Viking filtered cigars are also produced in a menthol version, offering a fresh, minty taste that's always a popular choice. To find out more about our selection of cigars or for any further information about our products, call us now at (800) 974-8430.

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