Hempire Cigarette Papers

Hempire Cigarette Papers are the go-to choice for smokers looking for high-quality, all-natural rolling papers. Made from 100% hemp, these ultra-thin papers offer a clean smoke with the natural strength of hemp. With a cellophane wrapping for maximum freshness, Hempire ensures a perfect smoke every time.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned smoker, Hempire Cigarette Papers come in a variety of sizes to suit your preference. From King Size to 1 ¼, there is a size for every rolling need. Add in Hempire filter tips for an enhanced smoking experience, available in Extra Large and Slim sizes.

For those who prefer to roll their own way, Hempire offers pure hemp rolls with a natural gum strip for clean use. Available in Large, Medium, and Small sizes, these rolls provide a slow and smooth burning smoke tailored to your taste.

Experience the freedom to roll a clean smoke with Hempire Freedom Packs, available in King size and 1 ¼. Enjoy the convenience of a perfectly rolled cigarette with Hempire's range of products, including Hempire Hemp Rolling Papers 1 1/4 24Ct and 1 1/2 24Ct. Choose Hempire Cigarette Papers for a premium smoking experience that you can trust.