Hempire Cigarette Papers

Hempire Cigarette Rolling Papers

Hempire Cigarette Papers


Determining how to choose the correct cigarette papers can be difficult. There are a lot of various cigarette papers out there. Thus, it can be a challenge to learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision. 

One brand of cigarette paper that sticks out amongst the rest is Hempire. Aside from being high-quality, Hempire Cigarette papers are also great for amateurs and first-timers. 

So, are you planning to roll your cigarette for the first time? Well, you should consider Hempire Cigarette papers.

Rolling Papers

Hempire is the first brand to provide 100% all-natural hemp rolling paper in the United States. The product offers the natural strength of hemp in an ultra-thin paper for a clean smoke. 

In addition to that, Hempire is the only rolling paper cellophane wrapped for perfect smoke and maximum freshness.

Hempire rolling papers are available in King Size, 1, 1 ½, and 1 ¼. 

Filter Tips

Do you want to improve your smoking experience? Try adding filter tips for clean and pure pleasure. Hempire filter tips come in Extra Large and Slim sizes.

Pure Hemp Rolls

Are you the type of smoker who likes to go your own way? Well, Hempire’s pure hemp rolls are your best bet. It offers a slow and smooth burning smoke that will fit your taste. 

For clean use, this product comes with a natural gum strip. It’s available in Large, Medium, and Small.

Freedom Packs

This product offers smokers the freedom to perfectly roll a clean smoke. It comes in King sizes and 1 ¼.