4 K’s Wraps

4K’s Wraps


Want to make your wrap? Try and experience 4K’s Wraps!

Experience the fun of making your customized cigarillos with 4K’s Wraps.

Making your roll is fun and gives you satisfaction like none. 

Since medium-sized cigarillos have now become popular, the 4K’s Wraps will give you the chance of having one. 

Sealed for Perfection

4K’s Wraps are special tobacco wraps that can be rolled easily.

The special, high-quality and easy to manipulate hemp wraps are perfect for making your desired size.

The cigarillo-sized wrappers are sealed perfectly to preserve that rich and bold taste.

Its homogenized wrappers are preserved to keep its freshness intact. This makes the next use retain its fresh aroma once used. 

Unique Variety

With more or less six varieties of homogenized tobacco leaf rolling paper, the 4K’s Wraps is perfect for your taste. 

Check out what suits you best and experience a variety of rich bold tastes. 

It offers different flavors from different kinds of fruits like:

  • Blueberry

  • Mango

  • Napa Grape

  • Watermelon

Choose what you want and try its perfect blend.