Bella Filtered Cigars

Bella Filtered Cigars

For those smokers who savor the taste of a finely crafted filtered cigar made from 100% American tobacco, Bella filter cigars are sure to be a favorite. These finely crafted, delicate little cigars are truly a sophisticated choice for a discerning smoker who likes a cigar that’s smooth and light. One of the attractive attributes of these little cigars is their premium cigar quality. There’s no doubt these delicious cigars have a taste that keeps customers coming back, yet that great cigar taste comes at the price that’s lower than most cigarettes.

Bella Cigars come in several delicious flavors, including our Full Flavor, Light, Ultra Light, Menthol, and Menthol Ultra Light, and they’re available in a rigid, elegantly appointed pack of 20. When it’s time for the delicious taste of a premium cigar with the light feel of a cigarette, it’s time to choose Bella Filtered Cigars.

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These product as not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administrations and is not intended to cure any desease. Please consult with your primary doctor. Please follow instructions on label. Product is for those 21 and over. Please do not use if you pregnant.

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