Canadian Lumber Cigarette Papers

Experience the true essence of nature with Canadian Lumber Cigarette Papers. Made from unbleached, unrefined plant fibers, these rolling papers offer a unique and authentic taste that sets them apart from traditional options. The use of Arabic Gum Seal ensures a secure hold for your rolled cigarettes, free from any additives or chemicals.

Choose from three distinct varieties: “The Greens” for a subtle hemp flavor, “The Woods” for an earthy aroma, or “The Hippy” for a soft and unique texture. Each variety brings something special to your smoking experience, whether you prefer a natural taste, an earthly sensation, or a distinct feel.

Canadian Lumber Cigarette Papers are designed to burn slowly and evenly, allowing you to savor every puff without worrying about the integrity of your roll. The durable yet thin structure of these papers ensures a high-temperature burn that enhances the overall taste of your smoking blend.

With Canadian Lumber Cigarette Papers, you can enjoy a natural smoking experience that is free from harsh chemicals or artificial additives. Indulge in the pure taste of unrefined fibers and experience the beauty of rolling your own cigarettes with these high-quality papers. Choose Canadian Lumber for a smoking experience that is as close to nature as possible.