Canadian Lumber Cigarette Papers

Canadian Lumber Cigarette Papers


Cigarettes have been used since the 9th century in Mexico and Central America. 

Its influence vastly spread over neighboring places and soon around the world. 

Cigarettes were also part of the “C-ration” meals of soldiers during World War I and II.

The cigarette’s mild tobacco content made it better to be inhaled than cigars.

Canadian Lumber Cigarette Papers

If you are looking for an unbleached, unrefined, and all-natural taste of a cigarette, the Canadian Lumber Cigarette Papers is just for you. 

It prides on its all-natural authentic taste from unrefined plant fibers. 

This Canadian roll uses Arabic Gum Seal for each stick. It’s an additive-free natural rolling papers that covers its contents.

It comes in three varieties: “The Greens,” “The Woods,” and “The Hippy.”

The Greens

If you want to experience the subtle ambiance of unrefined hemp, “The Greens” fits right in.

The unrefined hemp leaves its unique natural taste once inhaled, making you feel relaxed.

It slowly burns and remains intact while maintaining its rigid structure. 

The Woods

Looking for an earthly aroma and taste? Try Canadian Lumber’s “The Woods.”

The all-natural wood pulp flavor gives you the satisfaction of an earthly sensation.

The durable, thin roll burns with high temperature, adding strength to its taste. 

The Hippy

The soft and unique texture of “The Hippy” makes it distinct from other cigarettes. 

The outer layer is made from linseed and hemp, all-natural and unrefined.

It gives the sensation like that of rice paper, excluding the bleach traces.