Fronto King Tobacco Leaf

Are you looking for an all-natural way of smoking your herb or a different way of smoking your tobacco? Then you should try using a Fronto Leaf as a new alternative.

So what are Fronto Leafs? Here we’ll tell you all about them and why you should buy one.

What are Fronto Leafs?

A Fronto Leaf is an all-natural cured tobacco leaf that originates from the Caribbean. It’s their traditional way of smoking as it offers a distinctly high-quality flavor when you’re smoking it with your favorite herbs or tobacco.

Fronto Leaf Benefits

Getting a Fronto Leaf can give you that premium quality taste and the smoothness of what you can get on a top-shelf tobacco wrapper which can give you the best experience in smoking. Each packaging contains a single leaf that you have to rip off a portion to use as a rolling paper.

Choosing the Right Fronto

There’s a lot of variety of Fronto Leafs in the market which usually has different profiles and textures of flavor. Prices will also depend on the quality of the leaves. If you’re looking for these then Buitrago Cigars offers a huge variety of Fronto Leafs.

Fronto Leaf at Buitrago Cigars

Buitrago Cigars offers a wide variety of Fronto Leafs for you to choose so you can get a more personalized experience on picking your rolling paper. They can help you pick the best Fronto Leaf for you so you can get the best experience when you’re smoking this type of wrapper.

Smoking this type of tobacco leaf can assure you that what you’re intaking is an all-natural type of paper so you won’t have to worry about any kind of after effect when smoking your herb and you’ll be given the best smoking experience.


Fronto King Leaf Wraps