Cheyenne Filtered Cigars

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Offering the filtered cigar connoisseur with a bold, strong tobacco taste, Cheyenne Filtered cigars are a fantastic choice for anyone with a love of tobacco products. Whether you are a big cigar buff, or you are simply a former cigarette smoker looking to enjoy the price and value benefits of switching over to filtered cigars, the Cheyenne brand of filtered cigars has you covered!

Along with their bold and flavorful tobacco taste, Cheyenne filtered cigars come in a variety of flavors. For fans of a sweet filter, there is the sweet tip flavor. For menthol fans, there are both an Extreme Menthol and regular Menthol flavor. For fans of exotic flavorings in their filtered cigar products, there are bold and vibrant flavors such as Xotic Berry, Wild Cherry, Vanilla, Peach and Grape. For fans of full flavored tobacco products, there is the Red box full flavor and Gold box light flavor.

Similar to cigarettes, Cheyenne filtered cigars are sold 20 to a pack, with a carton consisting of 10 packs. In addition, instead of being wrapped in tobacco leaves like traditional cigars, filtered cigars are wrapped in paper (like a cigarette, except with brown paper instead of white paper). All and all, the filtered cigar offers the benefits of a filtered cigarette with the price benefits of a cigar product.

In addition to flavor, value and quality, the nicotine content of these fine filtered cigar products is top notch, able to fully satisfy your crave, creating an enriching tobacco experience each time you light up. Don't let the fantastic prices of Cheyenne cigars fool you: you are receiving full tobacco value for your dollar!

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