Karma Hemp Wraps

Karma Hemp Wraps


Ever wanted to make your customized roll of smoke?

Karma Hemp Wraps are the right thing for you!

These hemp wraps offer an experience of satisfaction of making your choice of roll.

Healthy Choice

The Karma Hemp wraps pride from its all-natural hemp that gives a kick similar to Cannabis. 

The only difference is that it's legal and does not contain the harmful component of the herb. 

Karma Hemp Wraps also boasts nicotine and tobacco-free component that offers a more relaxing vibe.

The harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine as a stimulant have been removed. It creates a whole new experience of smoking.

Patent Quality

The Karma Hemp Wraps offers a smoking quality like no other products.

You can enjoy smoking in a unique experience by making your own premium flavored wraps. 

The Karma Hemp Wraps offers a 150 x 48mm wrap that’s perfect for your smoking experience. 

With the size of this, you can even share it with your friends!

Convenient & Easy to Make

Each wrap has a special thin blue line that helps in sealing the flavor. 

The non-toxic Arabic natural gum seals the wrap without changing its taste.

The thin wrap is easy to roll and is perfect in terms of durability. 

It helps in burning the natural hemp evenly to give the most satisfying smoking experience.