Splitarillos Cigars

Splitarillos Cigars a true husstler

One of the fastest growing trends in cigars is the Splitarillo. They are consistently gaining popularity for their wide variety of flavors. There is certainly a Splitarillo cigar to match any mood. Varieties include Black Label, One Hundred, On Point, Cali Green, Fire, Loud, and OG Sweet.

Affordable With Great Flavor

Not only do Splitarillo cigars offer several different flavor options, they are also a great selection for customers looking for affordable options. For 30 cigars, 15 individual foil pouches with 2 cigars each, it is only $15.95. This works out to a little over $1 per package. The Splitarillo cigars are a great choice whether you’re enjoying a smoke break alone or sharing cigars among friends.

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At Buitrago Cigars we are committed to providing our customers with the lowest prices available while maintaining the highest level of customer service. We supply product to individual customers, convenience stores, liquor stores, and cigar shops. Our wide selection includes over one thousand different brands and styles including some of the most popular in the country such as Swisher Sweets, White Owl, and Backwoods. For more information about Splitarillo cigars or to place and order please contact us at (800) 974-8430.