Asylum Cigars

Asylum Cigars


Experience the satiety of having a taste of Nicaraguan filler that crawls down your tongue brought by Asylum Cigars.

Founded by Kevin Baxter, Christian Eiora, and Tom Lakuza in 2012, Asylum Cigars pushed the limits of the cigar industry.

It’s known for its gigantic 80 ring gauge that holds its premium signature taste.

Have a taste of its Nicaraguan filler wrapped in Havana and Candela leaves. 

Savor the flavor of a creamy, sweet, and spicy blow with a touch of wood and green tea.

The Candela wrapper leaves a mark on your palate with a sweet, grassy flavor as you go along your stick. 

Havana kicks a dark, chocolate taste that sits over the tongue. 

Savor its earthy flavor as it evenly burns in razor-sharp edges, making thick, yet subtle smoke. 

The very tight ash is evident in Asylum Cigars’ high-quality rolls along with its clear burn line. 

Enjoy every blow as you journey along with the sweet, pungent taste of premium cigars. 

Try their high-quality cigars and kiss the Nicaraguan boldness for every stick.

Savor each burn and embrace the peppery flavor that sticks around your palate. 

Get a blow of Asylum Cigars’ premium high-quality tobacco rolls.