Southern Draw Cigars

Southern Draw Cigars


Southern Draw Cigars is a company operated and owned by a family of veterans. They’re committed to creating unique blends of premium cigars and offering the most sustainable and consistent products. 

Every premium cigar is handcrafted by around 300 hard-working artisans. They only use naturally fermented and patiently aged tobacco. 

Southern Draw Kudzu is the original blend cigar of Southern Draw. It is sophisticated, classic, and elegant. It has notes of cocoa, coffee, charred oak, and spice. 

Southern Draw Firethorn is a combination of grace and power. It is a strong, yet complex cigar. Firethorn uses Nicaragua fillers and Ecuador/Habano Rosado Wrappers. It’s a medium to a full-bodied cigar that offers a charred and earthy taste.

Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder is perhaps one of the most flavorful cigars made by the brand. The blend of Nicaraguan fillers and Broadleaf wrapper results in notes of espresso, spice, and cedar. 

Southern Draw Cedrus is a subtle yet savory cigar. When you reach the final inch of the cigar, the flavors become more and more complex. It’s almost like eating a dessert. 

For people looking for a cigar that they can use on any occasion, Southern Draw Quickdraw is for you. It’s great when you’re short on time, but still want to smoke a cigar.