Aj Fernandez Cigars

AJ Fernandez Cigars


AJ Fernandez was born and raised in Cuba. He continued the rich traditional and cigar legacy of the Fernandez family. AJ Fernandez manufactures unmatched high-quality cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. 

The cigars were blended by AJ himself. He did it for his personal portfolio. Every cigar offers a special smoking experience.

AJ Fernandez cigars are a testament to the talent of AJ as a tobacco blender and grower. Every component of each blend is picked based on flavor, aroma, and strength. This helps achieve a balanced and smooth smoking experience. 

AJ also made a lot of major investments across the country to produce his tobacco from every growing region. Each farm is located strategically within the fertile and rich grounds of Nicaragua. 

Every tobacco leaf is primed or picked from the plant during the most appropriate time. Before these leaves reach the factory, they are allowed to age for a couple of years. 

AJ Fernandez runs two cigar factories in Nicaragua. These two factories enable the brand to craft around 100,000 cigars each day by hand. 

With a cigar for all palates, you can guarantee that when you smoke AJ Fernandez cigars, you will also learn more about discipline, passion, and excellent tobacco.