Rustler Cigars

Rustlers Cigarillos Are Great Tasting Natural Cigars

Rustlers Cigarillos are a mild strength and all-natural little cigar that are well suited for daily smoking. This particular cigar has a very sweet taste that combines wonderfully with the smooth and gentle aroma to create a pleasant smoking experience. These little cigars are very striking in their appearance. They have a broadleaf wrap which leaves them with a beautiful brown finish. The cigars are stuffed with the best tobacco from the Dominican Republic. This tobacco is well-known for being of the best quality, ensuring the kind of smoke that people dream about.

Rustlers Cigarillos are made by machines and are shaped in a cigarillo design. They are small enough that they can be easily smoked anywhere at any time. These cigars are sold in 10 packs comprised of 3 cigars. The cigarillo comes in a foil pack which perfectly preserves it so that it stays fresh. These cigars have a bite to them, which is perfect for smokers who love the natural taste of cigars. They also come in a mild brand, for those prefer a bit less tang and a bit more of a sophisticated smoke with a mellow taste. These use mild aromatic leaves and a natural Broadleaf wrapper to provide a very pure and smooth taste that will be appreciated by cigar lovers. The wrapper improves the overall smoking experience by locking in the flavor of the tobacco leaves. Most people also comment on how much they enjoy the filler sweetness, including casual smokers who love the mild smoke.

Rustlers Cigarillos are produced and distributed by cigar giant Backwoods. The resealable pouches make these filtered cigars easy to transport. Smokers who are familiar with Backwoods know the brand harkens back to a time in America when many people rolled their own cigars. You don't have to do that with the Rustler Cigarillos, but the low cost and the out of this world taste are enough to remind you this is a classic cigar brand. For smokers who love their cigars but don't want to overpay for the privilege, this brand is a logical solution at all times.

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