Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo Cigars


Witness the evolution of Jamaican-inspired rolls now produced and manufactured in the Dominican Republic since 1968.

Macanudo Cigars’ existence for more than 50 years proved its rigorous dedication to explore and make the finest blend of cigars.

They continue to take hold of its core values no matter what obstacles they face.

Allegiance to its roots is evident in the untainted development of its logo, keeping precious the brand that made its name. 

It strives to make the finest blends by keeping meticulous ways of tobacco processing.

It’s not just about the finest techniques in tobacco processing but as well as keeping an eye on soil preparation.

Top-skilled agronomists ensure that the product is planted on the finest soil, giving birth to a new era of tobacco products.

Each product takes more than thirty days of air curing, six years of fermentation, and two years of aging.

Not only that, they make the finishing touch of lining up their products in a cedar-lined room. 

This gives you the privilege of having the best flavor among the rest. 

What are you waiting for?

Take heart to experience the provocative blend of the finest cigars that sits on your palate.