Don Pepin Garcia Cigars

Don Pepin Garcia Cigars


Founded by the master blender Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia, “Don Pepin Garcia Cigars” is one of the handmade cigars in the world.

As a young boy, Don Pepin started engaging in the tobacco industry at the age of 11.

He worked for his uncle in Baez and later transferred to Nicaragua. 

His love for cigars made him travel to Cuba to hone his skills. For forty years, he became a master of rolling cigars and maker of different blends.

His passion and dedication to making the best cigars in the world established his patent brand. 

His signature blend of the finest cigars made it possible to make “Don Pepin Garcia Cigars”. 

After years of exploring and merging different flavors, Don Pepin Garcia Cigars established its authenticity.

The years of hard work from its master blender opened the gates of the new era of smoking. 

A fine blend from its maker who achieved the highest possible rank as a torcedor. The proud Class 8 Master Roller. 

Experience the perfect match of Nicaraguan tobacco and feel the ambiance of Cuba capped in triple layers. 

Each box is patented with its manufacture date, giving you the best among the rest.