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Elements Rolling Papers

Rolling your own cigarettes has been a popular practice among smokers for generations, and the trend is still very much alive today. HBI, the parent company responsible for Elements Rolling Papers, has found that many of their competitors are simply trying to cash in on the trend with the use of clever advertising and shoddy, cheap products. The industry has lost focus on the quality of the paper itself, which is why products exist like hemp rolling papers. While these papers are technically fine for rolling, they focus more of the 'hemp' buzzword than the paper being sold. Hemp is fine for making rope and other cloth-like substances, but hemp paper burns much less cleanly than classic rice papers. Elements cigarette papers are made with no foreign chemicals, no hemp, and no pulp. The paper is pressed to make it burn slower, and it produces little to no ash. The Elements brand isn't limited to papers, though. Below is an outline of the exceptional products they produce.

Rolling Papers

These rice cigarette papers are the flagship product of the Elements brand. They're made with a thin line of sugar gum that slowly caramelizes as the paper burns. Each paper is imprinted with a lattice watermark that acts to create a more even burn while preventing runs. The sheets are pressed tissue thin, and they're cleaner than other papers that use chemicals or manmade ingredients. These sheets are even superior to the multiple examples of hemp rolling papers flooding the market.