Elements Rolling Papers

Element Rolling Papers


Are you planning to buy some good quality rolling paper that’s all-natural and chemical-free? Then what you need is Element Rolling Papers as they’re able to provide you with a more safe and relaxing smoke session.

So why Element Rolling papers? Well, we’re going to show all about them and why it’s the best rolling paper for you so keep reading. 

All-natural Rolling Paper (Just What You Need)

Element Rolling Paper lets you have an all-natural type of smoke as it purely uses rice as its base with no harmful chemicals added to it.

It’s constructed by compressing the rice into an extra thin paper with crisscross watermarks on it to give you that smooth even draw from a high quality rolling paper.

Element Isn’t Just a Rolling Paper, It’s a Lifestyle!

What’s great about this paper is that it’s much safer compared to other brands in the market due to it being all rice which ensures you're not going to get any chemicals entering your body.

It’s also ash-free which lets you keep yourself clean while smoking it.

Element Rollers Are For You

Element provides you different types of rolling papers to choose from and various sizes to enhance your smoking experience.

They also have a pre-rolled rolling paper to make it more convenient for you. Choosing one will mostly depend on your preference of what type of rolling paper you might like.

Buitrago Has Them In-Store

If you’re wondering where to buy them then check it out at Buitrago Cigars where they offer a wide variety of products including Element Rolling Paper. They’ll ensure that you’ll come out satisfied with your purchase.

Getting this type of rolling paper will be the best option for you due to how it’s all-natural and much safer to smoke with. It also lets you enjoy your smoke due to the premium quality of their products.


Elements Cigarette Rolling Papers