King Edward Cigars

Enjoy the timeless taste of King Edward Cigars, a true classic in the world of cigars. With a rich history of over 150 years, Swisher International continues to craft these little cigars with the finest tobaccos for a satisfying smoke every time. Whether you prefer the fruity notes of Cherry or the refreshing kick of Ice Menthol, King Edward Cigars offer a flavor for every palate.

For a smoother and easier smoking experience, try the Wood Tipped selection of King Edward Cigars. These cigars are perfect for those who appreciate quality and flavor at an affordable price. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to relax, King Edward Cigars are a great choice for any smoker.

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Explore our selection of King Edward Cigars, including the Filtered Cigars in Regular, Menthol, and Cherry flavors, as well as the Foil Cigarillos in Natural and Vanilla. Treat yourself to a King Edward Cigar today and experience the exceptional quality and flavor that has made these cigars a favorite for generations.