Kong Hemp Wraps

Kong Hemp Wraps


Looking for a healthy roll for your smoking experience? Try out Kong Hemp Wraps!

These hemp wraps are better than tobacco and burn much better.

The smoothness of each roll brings the best relaxing experience of smoking your favorite stick.


The Kong Hemp Wraps started in December 2016.

Its founder was in search of something missing about the smoking herb experience.

The traditional way of smoking Cannabidiol (CBD) is wrapping it on tobacco rolls. 

The founding pillars chose CBD as a component for each blunt. 

Hence, smoking blunts was never the same as before. 

Pick Your Choice

Using herbs as a rolling papers brings out the rich flavor of CBD with every stick you use. 

It comes in a variety of flavors that suits your palate perfectly well. 

The mixture of organic hemp flavors makes Kong Hemp Wraps unrivaled by others.

Hemp Flavors

We all want that unique rich taste of a blunt.

Kong Hemp wraps offer three of its high-quality flavors.

Each has its unique distinct taste, making a perfect choice for yourself.

Girl Scout Cookie Original Naturals

The pioneer of Kong Wraps Stable made of Canadian Hemp Strain.

Organic + Line

Made from Cherry Wine Strain and Organic American Grown Flower. 

Its quality enables the blunt to stay fresh whether you take it out from the pouch or not.

Flavor Lines

Made from the finest hemp grown in Mexico, this is the latest of all Kong Hemp Wraps.

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